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Recruitment is Teamwork

We specialise in identifying, contacting and attracting the right people for key roles. This process, known as recruitment sourcing (or research), typically constitutes the initial phase of any Executive Search or headhunting endeavor. 

We have extensive experience in finding top candidates in the attractive 'passive' market and have successfully helped many companies fill critical positions.​

 Our primary focus lies in finding and qualifying candidates, while the client takes on a more active role as the "search consultant". Our model is particularly suitable for companies capable of conduct in-depth interviews themselves.

We collaborate with C-level managers, line managers, recruiting managers, internal recruiters, HR Managers/HRBPs and Executive Search consultants who require assistance with their assignments.

By utilising our services,  your company can significantly reduce costs while still accessing the very best, most relevant, and highly motivated candidates. 

Job Specification

Meeting with the recruiting manager to gather as much relevant info about the role as possible.



Analyse and map companies / organisations and geographical areas where possible candidates may be found.



Identify individuals we believe are suitable for the role and initiate contact with those who may provide recommendations.


First Contact

Discreetly initiate contact with individuals identified as potential candidates.



Conduct longer telephone or video interviews with candidates who have provided a CV and appear to match the job profile.



Present a selection of candidates who, based on their qualifications and motivation, are a match for the job profile.


Our process


Managing Partner

Harald Diesen


Ana Henrique

"I enjoy working with Henrison as recruiters as they are proactive, finds the right candidates in a very effective way and have good insight of the market. Last but not least, the price setting structure suits us a company. I would highly recommend Harald and Henrison as your recruiting supplier for your next assignment." 

Talent Acquistition Director

"Henrison has been a preferred recruitment partner to Schibsted since 2013. They are very well appreciated among both hiring managers, recruiters, and most importantly the candidates. Always giving a great experience by being professional, flexible, interested, thorough and friendly." 

HR Business Partner

"I have worked with Henrison for several years, for different employers. I feel that we have always had a very good partnership built on understanding, respect and openness. Their methodical and structured approach means that they can succeed and deliver in various industries. I can highly recommend Henrison as a partner." 

HR Manager

Customer References 

Offering Highlights

• Excellent network and knowledge of Norwegian and Swedish markets, languages, and culture

• Focus on executive, middle management and specialist roles across all industries


• Advanced, market-leading research and sourcing methods

• Proactive, methodical approach, including mapping of target companies and potential candidates

•  Discreet first contact with potential candidates

• Candidate interviews (screening) by phone or video

• We present a number of top candidates; your company takes over with in-depth interviews and further evaluation

• We assist with practical tasks during the process

• 6 months full guarantee

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